Zebastian Carlson release double a-side single

Wanna Be Free Now - All Comes Down To Life SingleWelcome to the good times! Zebastian Carlson’s very first solo-single Wanna Be Free Now / All Comes Down To Life is out now.

The two-song single contains the bluesy almost old-sounded awekening Wanna Be Free Now that Muddy Waters never sang (one of the reasons might be that he died a couple of years before THIS singer and composer was born) as well as the catchy walk-in-the-nature pop-rock song All Comes Down To Life, specially written for your next trip in the forest.

The two songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon as well as Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Shazam and Tidal.

So people, take a listen or two or some thousands. The magic is turned up high so let’s do the rhythm like they do on pay-TV.

The video is directed by the very talented Anders Nilsson